Roles of Teacher

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Teaching has been practiced in this world since human being began to live. Prophets were sent down to earth to teach people about everything they didn’t know before. Then human’s mind developed into knowledgeable one. Those prophets were teachers for their people or followers. And we know that how crucial the roles of those ‘teachers’ toward the changing of condition among the society at that time. They, the prophets or teachers, who had made this world become civilized, erudite, and religious.

Time goes by and teachers have become one of the significant professions in society. They have grown the whole parts of the human life, economy, law, health, transportation, farming, politics, etc. From education does life come up. From education does civilization expand and from education does human be better off. In short, education has been the major agent for the human progress.

Teachers are now obliged to have multi roles in society since their tasks are not trouble-free anymore. Still their function in school compounds remains unavoidable. They now have heavier burden concerning with the nation building in this country. They are required to be able to transfer knowledge as well as to develop themselves to catch up with the growing world. That’s not an easy job. As a matter of fact teachers still have a lot of problems inside themselves, finance, secondary needs, their follow up education, and many other unfulfilled wishes.

Teachers as Instructors

The main task of a teacher is teaching. They are educated to teach or transfer knowledge to other people (students). This primary role cannot be substituted by other professions. That’s what makes teachers special. They are equipped with teaching strategies to do their job. As standard teachers, they have to masters those strategies in order to execute their task in classrooms well. They have to be perfect in front of their students. They are the center of information for their students, although in some cases they cannot make it. But still, they have to be able to manage the classroom to be an educative environment where their students fulfill their hunger for thoughts.

The boundary between the expert and non-expert teachers is on how well they can manage their class and on how excellent they execute teaching-learning process. The experienced teachers are able to manage any unpredictable situations that might happen in the classroom concerning the students’ right to get adequate information they need. The students’ right is to get lessons they need. And teachers should be able to accomplish that.

Teachers as Educators

Teaching is different from educating. Teaching is a transfer of knowledge from an adult (a teacher) to children (students). To be able to teach someone must have a set of knowledge or information to transfer. Teaching is a process of making ignorant people to be well-informed ones. That’s why a teacher has to be someone who is well-informed. He/she must have skills as well as knowledge to be given to their students.

Educating is unlike teaching. Educating is a way of making people (students) well-informed as well as civilized. The mental building or character building is the core of the education. That’s why a teacher who educates students must be well-informed as well as civilized or he/she must have healthy mental and characters as a good educator. Teachers are required to be aware of the social value that gets so complicated from time to time. It is changing as the whole world is moving forward. How can teachers protect students from unnecessary mental development due to the complexity of human civilization is an urgent task should be carried out nowadays.

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