Classroom Interaction in RSBI

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Classroom is considered as the most important place for foreign language learner to apply and practice target-language. Classroom can be defined as a room in which teaching or learning activity can take place. Classroom is the primary forum for foreign language learners to use and experience target language. In order to make foreign language learners learn the target language better, they should create communication between teacher and students in the classroom. Communication in the classroom can be built through communication.

Interaction between the teacher and the learners in very important in the teaching and learning process and plays a great role in getting comprehensible input (Allwright and Bailey, 1991:122). When interaction occurs, students have more opportunities to demonstrate their language they learn. Chaudron (1993:10) stated that interaction is viewed as significant because it is argued that only through interaction can the learners decompose the target language structures and derive meaning from classroom events, interaction give learners the opportunities to incorporate target language structures to their own speech (the scaffolding principle), the meaningfulness for learners of classroom events of any kinds whether thought of as interactive or not, will depend on the extent to which communication has been jointly constructed between the teacher and learners.

Interaction in the classroom is an essential part of teaching learning process. It is the action performed by teacher and students during instruction interrelated. Brown (2001:165) said that interaction is collaborative exchange of thoughts, feelings, or ideas between two or more people, resulting in a reciprocal effect on each other. When interaction happens, teacher may easily check their students’ proficiency in learning and students can increase their understanding dealing with material given by teacher. Therefore, interaction could be defined as a process whereby two or more people engaged in reciprocal actions. This action may be verbal or nonverbal and covers classroom behavior such as turn-taking, questioning and answering, negotiation of meaning and feedback.

Classroom interaction includes all classroom events both verbal and non verbal interaction. The former takes place because of teacher and students talk, while the letter cover gestures or facial expression by teacher and students when they communicate without using words. A good lesson is not the one in which students do all or even most of the talking. Some lesson may be good if they are carefully structured in such away that students do a good deal of talking and at the same time they get a lot feedback from the teacher.

The active role, both teacher and students are absolutely needed to create a good interaction, because students will learn something better through their experiences. Students have to be active in responding students question and introducing their own ideas. While, teacher must be creative in using teaching methods and techniques to support his/her talk in order to be interesting which will be learned by students and play many roles in his/her teaching. As stated by Brown (2001:166) that teacher can play many roles in the course of teaching. Just as parents are called upon to be many things to their children, teachers can not be satisfied with only one role.

Pioneered International Standard School (RSBI) is one type of school which holds educational services which fulfills Standard National Education and is enriched international education standard. Indonesia government through National Education Ministry made law no 23 year 2003 (Depdiknas, 2008:4), the government and local government organize at least a unit of education at all levels of education, to be developed further as a unit having international standards of education. Therefore, the goal of Pioneered International Standard School (RSBI) in Indonesia is the establishment of one class or more in a primary and/or secondary school in each province and/or district that satisfies some international standards.

The medium interaction used in Pioneer International Standard School (RSBI) is global language; English. Therefore, the term bilingualism appears in that type of school. Bilingualism is the condition in which two living languages exist side in a country, each spoken by one national group, representing a fairly large, and proposition of the people (Beardsmore, 1982:2). English is used in Pioneer International Standard School (RSBI) in order to prepare students to have quality and competency which is acceptable and international standardized.

There are some researchers who conducted resereach dealing with the classroom interaction. Innamullah, Naseeruddin, and Husaain (2008) conducted a research which aimed at to explore Teacher– Student verbal interaction patterns at tertiary level education in the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan using Flanders’ Interaction Analysis system.

The amount of English classroom interaction in SMU Negeri 1 Demak is far from perferction. Teacher make interaction with students without considering the right proporsition. Teacher does not consider the elements of effective teaching like considering the time, clear instruction, learners’ progress, and others. The problem arises because of lack understanding from teacher about good classroom interaction which involve students’ participation in the interaction. Therefore, both teacher and students should be in a good interaction in the classroom. Providing an active classroom is not an easy task to do for many teachers. If a teacher fails in classroom interaction, it will cause misunderstanding between him/her and his/her students. Consequently, teaching learning process will not be effective.

Written by

Ust. Husni Mubarok, S.Pd.I.

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