Characteristics of Written Language

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Brown (2001:341) listed some characteristics of written language as follows;

  • Permanence

When something is written down to intended audience in its final form, it remains its features time without any changes for unspecific period of time. This is because the writer abdicates a certain power; the power to emend, to clarify, and to withdraw it. On the other hand, written text tends to be permanence.

  • Production time

A person may be a good writer when he or she can manage the time to revise his or her work before it comes to the final form. However, not all works of writing are given ample time of production. Some writers have only very limited to finish their work. Thus, the production of time of writing may very depending on the situation.

  • Distance

Anticipating the audience is a difficult problem for writers. The anticipation included how specific words, phrases, sentences, and paragraph will be interpreted. Different people from different background of knowledge may have different interpretation on the words, phrases, or sentences. This is because of distance factor between the writer and the targeted readers.

  • Orthography

All expressions in writing are captured through the manipulation of letters and others written symbols. Mechanics, which involves spelling and punctuation, play very important role to convey clear meanings. Therefore, a good writer must have good knowledge in orthography.

  • Complexity

Writing is complex work. Writer must know to avoid redundancy, combine sentences, make references to other elements in a text, create syntactic and lexical variety, and other supporting elements of writing.

Written language typically utilizes greater variety of lexical items than spoken ones. Written language places a heavier demand on the use of vocabulary than spoken does.

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