What is a test?

24 Agu


People have been familiar with the term “test”. A test used by teachers after they teach knowledge to their students. But some of teachers do not know the definition of a test in correct way.
A test can be determined as a method of measuring a person’s ability, knowledge, or performance in a given domain.
Test is a method. It is an instrument, a set of techniques, procedures, or items that requires performance on the part of the test taker. Therefore, a good test must be explicit and structured. For example: multiple choice test needs some items like one correct answer and some distractors.
A test must measure something. It can be measuring general ability, competencies. The measurement should be in line with the background of test taker. A test measures an individual’s ability, knowledge, or performance. Testers need to understand who the test taker are. What is their previous experience and background. Is the test appropriately matched to their abilities. How should the tester interprete and analyze testees’ work.
By Husni Mubarok, S.Pd.I.

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